First, let me welcome you to Your Home-Based Business.  I apologize for the lack of content at the moment. Trying to work on the site late one night, I managed to trash the whole thing. Now I have an automatic backup in place, but it will take some time to rebuild the content.

I will be passing on what I have learned–and what I continue to learn–about making a living working online from home. My goal is to pass on useful, actionable information–not just theory or instructions that are too general to be of use to those who don’t already know how to do it. And I expect I will be passing on a few warnings also. Based on what I have done and seen others do, I would say that MOST people waste MOST of their time and lots of money chasing after Internet illusions. If I can save someone else from making the same mistakes I have, I will be satisfied.

What You Will Find Here

Starting over from scratch on this site, I am not sure exactly what it will turn into. For one,it will be a bit of a chronicle of some different methods of earning online. At the risk of getting too scattered, I have a number of things in the works. I have bought 3 domains to create sites to sell Clickbank products. I will also be setting up another site to sell a physical product product. I have contacted a man who works full-time online and helps people with traditional list building and creating product funnels. I want to also start another project with one of the long-time Internet businesses, probably SFI or AIOP.

The idea is to approach each of these as if I were completely new to online marketing, and then report on my experiences, both successes and failures. So you can expect some specific product reviews (e.g., Aweber vs. TrafficWave vs. hosting your own autoresponder) and product reviews (e.g., Four Corners Alliance vs. AIOP). What about using revenue sharing sites for getting traffic? Are safelists a waste of time? Traffic exchanges?

I look forward to working with you and even getting to know some of you. May we all grow rich, and happy, together.

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